Hurricane Corner
A State of FL Licensed Roofing Contractor just telling it how it is!

Welcome To Hurricane Season 2017!!!

Today starts the official beginning of hurricane season.  In the past few years, if you follow the dribble that I write, I have instructed you over and over again about hurricane preparedness (supplies to purchase and trees to trim, etc.).  I will not bore you with that again because you will be inundated with info on the TV stations.  But I will strongly caution you to be wary.

You might ask yourself what I mean by that statement.  When a hurricane of any strength causes enough damage to warrant media coverage across the country like Andrew did in 1992 and Wilma did in 2005 every con man seems to come to sunny Florida looking for the easy buck.  Once they hit a neighborhood they go door to door looking for easy marks.  If a truck pulls in your driveway and it has out of state plates, chances are you are being ripped off.  Before signing a contract with these con artists, ask to see his FLORIDA STATE CERTIFICATION.  He will make some excuse for not having it yet and will tell you that they are being allowed to work here because of “special needs”.  He will take your deposit and run like hell to get out of town.  Always get 3 estimates from companies that are approved by your local building department.  Make that call to check on who you are giving your money to and listen to what the building official tells you.  That’s all for now.


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