Hurricane Corner
A State of FL Licensed Roofing Contractor just telling it how it is!

Is Bret a troublemaker?

It’s finally here – a named tropical storm that could be of some consequence in 2017.  I doubt it,  but you never know. I only know one person named Bret, and he is not a troublemaker.  Get those trees trimmed, the low hanging coconuts pulled down, and check your generators.  Now don’t get in panic mode just yet it is very early, but Bret is just reminding us to start to think about what could happen.  We’ve been really lucky for 12 years now and we tend to get complacent and a reminder now and then can be good for us.  When I find out more, you will already have heard from the weather mavens, but I’ll be your backup, so to speak.  Stay safe.


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