Hurricane Corner
A State of FL Licensed Roofing Contractor just telling it how it is!


I know that there is a storm out there, but I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings about the current situation in our country. Whether or not we consider ourselves to be Republican, Democrat at Independent, we all are AMERICANS!!! My grandfather and father were immigrants from Italy. My grandfather brought his family to this country because he wanted to adopt and adapt to the American way of living. It doesn’t appear that some of the people attempting to come to this country have the same idea in mind. That is the reason for the extreme VETTING of people who are trying to enter our great land with the idea of bringing chaos and destruction with them. It is time that we all forget about our personal political preferences and get behind our President and unite to keep our beloved country as it has always been…a safe and prosperous place in which to raise our children and grandchildren, even if we do not like EVERYTHING that he may do, for that has been the case with EVERY President since George Washington. HAVE A GREAT FOURTH!!!


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