Hurricane Corner
A State of FL Licensed Roofing Contractor just telling it how it is!

Here we go!!!

The 2017 hurricane season is starting by the book, as far as the timeline goes that is…this is about the time of year that the orange balls start forming in the Atlantic or the Gulf waters. I have now moved my home to Central Florida in the Tampa Bay area and we are experiencing tropical storm conditions as I write this piece. The thing that really caught my attention after I purchased my newly built home was that the building code here does NOT require hurricane shutters or impact resistant windows to be a standard item in your home package. It shows how the Florida Building Code, which is supposed to be standard throughout the state is not so. I do believe that it will be impossible for me to purchase accordion or rolldown shutters this summer, especially since the service industries on this side of the state seem to lack in enthusiasm compared to the Eastern part of Florida. Well I guess I’ll just have to bring in my patio furniture and hope for the best. Good luck to all, since this storm is supposed to move east towards south Florida. Be prepared!!!


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