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Welcome To Hurricane Season 2017!!!

June 1, 2017

Today starts the official beginning of hurricane season.  In the past few years, if you follow the dribble that I write, I have instructed you over and over again about hurricane preparedness (supplies to purchase and trees to trim, etc.).  I will not bore you with that again because you will be inundated with info […]


September 29, 2016

This has been a very quiet hurricane season with not much for me to write about – which I know makes a lot of you very happy…not to say that I blame you for that.  But now all of a sudden we are threatened by Matthew, a very fast moving storm that will definitely be […]


June 7, 2016

We here in SoFlo dodged another bullet.  Even tho Colin has not turned into a hurricane, it has dropped lots and lots of water north of us. Certainly the people that live in the Tampa Bay area know if their roof has any leaks by now, for sure!!!!  This is just another reminder to be prepared […]