Hurricane Corner
A State of FL Licensed Roofing Contractor just telling it how it is!


I heard this morning from someone near and dear to me that she had heard a report that BIG MATT was going to skirt our shores, proceed north and then make a U-turn and head right back for us.  I heard the same thing from a less reliable source also.  I for one do not think that will happen, because if I am not mistaken, there has only been 1 time that the scenario that I just spoke of actually happened.  BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO READ YOUR HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS PAMPHLETS AND DO WHAT THEY SAY!!!!  This storm is not to be taken lightly.  I wish I myself had done a little more in preparation, and still have some things to be done.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND STAY SAFE!!!! 



It looks as tho Big Matt is for real!!!!  Exactly how much is going to hit SOFLO remains in question.  I assume that we will know more by the end of the day.  To be on the safe side, now is the time to make sure that you have all of your hurricane supplies at hand – because if you waited to  venture out into the store, home depot, or propane dealers – well all I can say is “GOOD LUCK!!!!”  if and when Matt strikes us down here remains to be seen but I strongly urge you to take every precaution, even if it turns out that we do not get any more than wind gusts (highly unlikely) – better safe than sorry.  AGAIN, STAY SAFE!!!!  I also highly recommend that you listen to Steve Weagle for his reports, because for my money he is the next Brian Norcross!!!!


Altho it may appear as if we have dodged a bullet with Big Matt taking a Northeastern turn (slight tho it may be), anything is possible, and we are still within striking range of some very strong and deadly weather.  So don’t break out you Halloween decorations just yet,. but you could stock up on egg nog or even better batteries and water – I mean just for the heck of it.  Keep watching the weather mavens and listen closely to what is said – and then don’t take anything for granted.  Keep safe….


This has been a very quiet hurricane season with not much for me to write about – which I know makes a lot of you very happy…not to say that I blame you for that.  But now all of a sudden we are threatened by Matthew, a very fast moving storm that will definitely be a hurricane by the afternoon.  If the prognasticators are correct, we may get lucky and it will turn to the north sooner than later.  Even if it does turn sooner, we in SOFLO may feel some affects.  I personally feel that we are going to get more than just a little of Matt because even if it turns north 1 or 2 degrees to the west of where they are predicting, it would put us on the left side of the storm – which is not good.  I hope that I am wrong, but only time will tell.  STAY SAFE AND YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO IF YOU’VE VISITED THIS SITE BEFORE!!



With the storm named 99L out in the Atlantic, headed our way, everyone’s wondering “is it going to be a hurricane or not”?  Well my lowly opinion (which is a guess) is that it will bring us lots and lots or rain either way – but it won’t gain hurricane status, if that, until it hits the waters between the Bahamas and SoFlo. In any case, I think it would now be a good idea to go to Publix and stock up on water, batteries, propane, and canned goods before it gets so crowded that you won’t even be able to find a parking space let alone any food or drink.

I fear that this is just the beginning of a stronger and busier end to the hurricane season than I thought initially.  Also don’t forget to bring in anything that could become a missle in tropical storm conditions or a hurricane.  AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST – THE THING THAT I HATE MOST ABOUT THIS STORM IS THAT IT MAY CANCEL MY GL FANTASY LEAGUE DRAFT THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN SUNDAY!!!!



It shows how technological we have become when they start talking about potential hurricanes using numbers and letters.  I have to say that the National Hurricane Center has left no stone unturned when it comes to watching our backs, so to speak.  I commend them for that – so if anyone is thinking about how the government wastes money, this is not one of them.  According to the NHC we in Florida could be in for some really heavy rains this week and possibly a major storm will develop out of something they have dubbed “99L”.  I’m surprised that we have not had anything catastrophic hit us down here in a long time – given the weather pattern that has literally destroyed some of the rest of our country.  AS USUAL, GO GET YOUR HURRICANE SUPPLIES NOW, BECAUSE WHEN THE WEATHER MAVENS START YELLING “THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING” YOU’LL WISH YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO ENTER THE LION’S DEN CALLED PUBLIX IF THEY PUT AN OFFICIAL NAME OUR NEWEST FRIEND “99L”.  STAY SAFE!!!


It appears as if we have a couple of nice little storms out in the Atlantic that could be headed our way!!!  I’ll betcha that you have kind of fallen asleep at the wheel about hurricane supplies – I know that I have.  Hopefully we will continue to dodge the bullets – but I have a feeling that the fears of many will be coming to fruition soon.

Keep posted to your local weather people (they all get the same info) and GET PREPARED!!


As everyone can see what is going on in our beloved country, and since America has always been the lighthouse in the sometimes dark and murky world in which we live, it brings to my mind a thought…..why can’t we Americans just be Americans?  Why have we become so devisive?  What happened to the good old way of electing the right person for the Presidency, whether we consider ourselves Republicans or Democrats?  This election has caused more harm to our 2 party system than any in it’s history.  I formerly was registered to vote as an independent.  I voted for the candidate, not the party.  Yes, I have some conservative views, but I also think that some of the more liberal ideas are fairly acceptable also.

When Donald Trump came on the scene, I for one was encouraged by his rhetoric about immigration, foreign policy decisions that went wrong, as well as economic and most of all military strength.  But it would seem that Mr. Trump  has been ill advised when it comes to expressing his feelings about some of these issues.  I am very disheartened by the way he has been presenting himself to the American public. I know he is a powerful man that is accustomed to doing and saying what he wants when he wants – but someone close to him MUST advise him that he cannot offend people and expect to get elected to the Presidency.  I am EXTREMELY SICKENED by the lack of support he received from the very beginning from the GOP cronies that didn’t want him to muddy the political waters and possibly shed light on what has been going on in front of our very eyes for years.  The Democrats have not done much better.  You mean to tell me that the Demos could not come up with anyone better than Hillary as their candidate?  THIS HAS MADE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH AND I JUST HAD TO VENT….SO THERE, I DID!!!!



We here in SoFlo dodged another bullet.  Even tho Colin has not turned into a hurricane, it has dropped lots and lots of water north of us. Certainly the people that live in the Tampa Bay area know if their roof has any leaks by now, for sure!!!!  This is just another reminder to be prepared for loss of electricity and lack of access to grocery stores and gas stations.  Remember it doesn’t take a lot to buy a few extra imperishable staples of existence every time you go to Publix.  REMEMBER STAY SAFE – BECAUSE THERE IS MORE COMING AND SOONER THAN YOU THINK!!!